XGear is the next generation connected-car platform

Revolutionizing the way people drive and maintain their cars.


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What Is XGear

XGear helps you to unlock your vehicle’s potential, enabling you to become a safer, better informed and efficient driver. It is designed to connect your car with the rest of the world enabling you to drive smart

XGear Device

Once plugged inside your vehicle this tracks your car’s diagnostics and driving activity. It uses cellular network to remain connected to the Internet at all times, even while parked.

XGear Cloud

Securely saves millions of data points from your vehicle and driving activity. Provides alerts, analysis and reports to give you full control over your vehicle.

XGear Dashboard

Synchronizes and connects directly with your vehicle to show real-time insights beautifully presented on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

What We Do

XGear offers a complete fleet management solution for enterprises as well as a connected-car platform for the everyday driver

GPS Location Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking, route optimization and trip replays. Always connected via cellular network.

Vehicle Health

Monitoring engine issues and fuel efficiency. Signaling for preventive maintenance.

Driver Performance

Remotely tracking driver behavior, over speeding, rash driving and trip summaries.

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How It Works

XGear works in all vehicles since 1996 and uses free cellular GSM connectivity. Simply plug in the XGear device into your car and you’re ready to go.

  • 1. Locate

    You start off by locating the OBD port of your car.
    Every car since 1996 has the OBD port in it.

  • 2. Plugin

    Once you have located the OBD port of your car,
    you simply plugin the XGear device.

  • 3. Analyze

    Open browser on any internet enabled device to
    view actionable alerts from your vehicle.


XGear opens countless possibilities for safer driving, behavior monitoring, timely car maintenance, fuel efficiency, route optimization and predictive analysis.

Supported Platforms

Access your car from anywhere on any device

XGear works with desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Awards & Recognitions

What Our Clients Are Saying About XGear

Tehman Lall – Transport Manager

“ Partnering with XGear had been one of the best decisions we’ve made at Nestle in our logistics department. At any given time I can see exactly what’s happening with any of our cars and drivers. It’s incredibly powerful! ”

Sajid Sharif – Distribution Manager

“ We chose XGear as a Pepsi partner because we believed in the product and the team. With quite a few vehicles in our fleet, we needed a reliable and scalable platform for managing our fleet logistics operations.”

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