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XGear in the News

The team behind xGear believes that with the right data, everyone has the potential to drive smarter.
XGear – a device that plugs into any car and provides the owner with useful data to drive and maintain your vehicle better.”
XGear lets you access the data your car produces every day to increase efficiency, save money and improve your driving in ways you never knew possible.
XGear is aiming to provide its customers with possibilities for better driving, greater fuel efficiency, and hassle-free maintenance for their vehicles.
This Pakistani Startup is defining innovation and doing the base work for their amazing idea, XGear can be responsible for smarter cars around the world and can evolve into a force to be reckoned
XGear helps you in keeping your vehicle in top notch condition, provides you behavior analysis by using engine data it can tell a lot about your driving style and at what efficiency the car is being driven at.
Aside from analyzing data and extracting and sharing insights with the car owner to improve driving habits, save on fuel, and extend the life of the car, the company is working to develop a social gaming experience on top of the technology.
XGear is the company’s solution to bringing this spectacularly useful component of your life, called a car closer to you !

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