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Some Of Our Trusted Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying About XGear

Nasir Tanveer – VP Technology Consulting

“ XGear has dramatically helped simplify our fleet management operations. We can now remotely monitor our drivers from anywhere and know exactly what’s happening with each of our vehicles in real-time! ”

Ali Khan – CEO (Reliance Distribution)

“XGear has been a game-changer! We now save hundreds of hours previously spent on admin, collecting logs from drivers, auditing the logs for violations and compliance reporting. With XGear, all of that happens automatically. ”

Fleet Management For The 21st Century

Powerful Automated Reports

Save precious time spent on doing manual legal and tax compliancy reporting.

Real-Time Visualization

Get real-time view into your fleet movements, driver performance metrics, fuel consumption and maintenance alerts.

Plug and Play

Simply fit into any vehicle since 1996 without the need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

GPS Location Tracking

XGear allows for real-time vehicle tracking, route optimization
and planning, thanks to its built-in GPS technology,
accelerometer, and always-on cellular connection.

  • Record all trips taken by your drivers for sales reporting and tax filing
  • Get automatic Geofencing alerts informing you of your vehicles’ movements
  • Play historical trip recording to re-create events for investigations
  • Ensure route planning and optimization for more efficient operations

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Vehicle Health

XGear helps monitor your vehicles’ vitals and signals for
preventive maintenance way before your mechanic would.

  • Get notified of vehicle problems before they occur
  • Receive warning alerts, possible causes and proposed solutions
  • Monitor engine health, battery issues and vehicle temperature
  • Keep an eye on fuel consumption and fuel efficiency

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Driver Performance

Ensure driver safety compliance, reduce accident on the road and save on insurance costs.

  • Receive reports to show exactly how your drivers are driving on the road
  • Monitor hard braking, fast acceleration, over-speeding, rash lane changing
  • Set Geofencing alerts for driver arrivals and departures
  • Increase overall fleet safety by coaching drivers and improving driving habits

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Drive Score

Fleet Administration

Fleet Administration

XGear provides electronic logs & custom reports compliant
with local rules and regulations for fleet management.

  • Generate automated Electronic Trip LogBooks (DOT approved)
  • Extract IFTA Compliant reports
  • Visualize logbooks and trip summaries in graphical dashboard
  • Generate reports that can be printed, saved or sent automatically to one or more recipients.

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Simple all-inclusive subscription price. No hidden fees. Easy to budget.
All plans come with 90-days obligation-free cancellation period.

What You Get:
  • The XGear Device
  • Always-on cellular connection
  • Access to XGear Fleet Dashboard (online and mobile)
  • Unlimited fleet reports and analytics
  • Unlimited access to historical data
  • Onboarding support
  • Risk free 90-day return policy
  • One year device warranty
  • One time device fee
  • Free shipping