Making driving safer, economical & smarter

XGear empowers drivers and car owners to take complete control of their vehicles.


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Always Connected with XGear – On and Off the Road

Drive Smart

XGear helps you become an informed and empowered driver so that
you can make smart decisions to keep your car healthy, safe and
in peak condition at all times.

  • Dig deeper into your driving behavior
  • Decode engine and battery problems
  • Save money on maintenance costs
  • Get alerts and warnings before trouble happens


Stay Connected

You can stop worrying about your teenage drivers by keeping
an eye on their driving and location at all times.

  • Stay connected with friends, family and your car mechanic at all times
  • Get notified if your child over-speeds or if drives out of pre-defined zones
  • Send distress alerts with location if your car breaks down
  • Locate where you parked your car


Safe Driving

Become a safer driver by analyzing & tracking your driving scores
and prevent accidents.

  • Monitor & improve your driving habits with real-time feedback
  • Get sound alerts for rapid acceleration, hard braking and speeding
  • Enforce safety rules for teenage drivers
  • Learn from analyzing and deconstructing your driving mistakes


Fuel Efficient

Save money on petrol by driving more smoothly and efficiently.
Audio alerts signal when to ease off the gas and brake pedals
and help you avoid high speeds.

  • Improve gas mileage
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Get audio alerts with recommendations on fuel savings
  • Get low fuel warnings to avoid getting stranded


Access your car from anywhere on any device

Veronica Stuart

“ I feel reassured when I know exactly how and where my teenage son is driving. ”

Bilal Hameed

“ I’ve already improved my driving habits for better fuel efficiency! ”

Zahid H. Lilani

“ Thanks to XGear I’ve avoided two unnecessary trips to the car mechanic. ”


Your vehicles data port can be found underneath the drivers dashboard in 8 possible locations, simply plug the device in and you are good to go, every vehicle manufactured after 1996 has one !!

Vehicle Compatibility

XGear is compatible with almost all petrol, diesel & hybrid cars made for sale since 1996, worldwide!

See if you car is compatible with XGear

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What you will get?

  • The XGear device (plugs inside your car)
  • One time device fee
  • 1 year of always-on cellular connection
  • Free XGear mobile app and web-based dashboard
  • Risk Free 45 day money back guarantee

We guarantee satisfaction!

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