This post originally appeared on MoreMag on February 12, 2015 by Staff Report

XGear is basically an innovative device which aims to revolutionize the way people drive and maintain their cars by providing real-time predictive analysis and data aggregation.


It is a startup of PlanX by Punjab Information Technology board (PITB) and is a next generation vehicle management system for those who find it difficult to do subjective analysis on their vehicle and consequently spend a good amount of money to maintain the working condition of their vehicle.

How does XGear work?

XGear is a device which plugs into the Onboard Data Port found in almost all types of cars manufactured after 1996. You can check the 8 possible locations of Onboard Data Port by clicking here.

As soon as the XGear device connects with Onboard Data Port, it indicates the actionable alerts of the vehicle through a device connected with the internet, whether it be a smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet.

Advantages of XGear:

XGear helps the driver in the following ways to ensure safe driving, optimize performance of the vehicle, analyze and provide valuable feedback on the anomalies.

1. Driving Feedback

XGear gives feedback on the grounds of analysis of driving patterns by rating, recommending and suggesting the driver to improve driving skills.

2. Vehicle Health

XGear provides the historical information related to your vehicle’s health and, therefore, monitors the potential causes of the problems to avoid them from occuring again.
It not only helps the owner of the vehicle but also the mechanic by listing the problems to catch the root cause of the problem.

3. Real-time Monitoring

XGear also provides real-time monitoring service through which the exact location of a vehicle can be tracked at any given time. This monitoring is especially useful for fleets and cargo vehicles, as it displays their estimated arrival time apart from other details.

4. Trip Replays

XGear records and maintains the data of all trips from beginning to end, allowing the owner to view journeys in complete detail by means of graphs and other mapping tools.

5. Fuel Saving

XGear reduces the fuel usage by providing some recommendations analyzing your driving patterns and vehicle behavior. You can save nearly 10% fuel yearly by acting upon the suggestions given by XGear.

6. Over Speeding

XGear keeps an eye on your vehicle speed all the time and generates notification alerts in case the vehicle exceeds a pre-defined speed limit.
This feature can actually help the parents updated regarding their children’s vehicle speed.