This post originally appeared on on August 3, 2015

If your car was built after 1996, it most likely has an On-Board Diagnostics port. Plug in the XGear Device into that OBD port, and you’ve turned your vehicle into a smart car. XGear – a Belgian based start-up, with back-office and technical team in Pakistan – is already doing business with corporate clients across three continents. “We are now eyeing the European fleet market”, says Shehryar Piracha, Head of Growth at XGear.

The data generated by XGear includes GPS-based location tracking (allowing real-time tracking, route optimisation and trip replays), updates on vehicle health (e.g. engine issues, fuel efficiency and maintenance alerts) and monitoring of driver behaviour (such as speeding and maneuvering).

Shehryar Piracha: “XGear has three components. Firstly, the XGear Device, which plugs into virtually all cars, vans and trucks, of all makes, brands and models. It uses the cellular network to track your vehicle’s driving activity and produce diagnostics, even while parked. Secondly, the XGear Cloud: this is where those millions of data points transmitted by your vehicle are stored, and where alerts, analyses and reports are generated that provide insight into vehicle and driver behaviour. And thirdly, the XGear Dashboard & App, which provides a beautiful interface with the real-time data on your smartphone, tablet or computer.”

“By capturing and analysing engine data, driving diagnostics and car maintenance vitals – and contextualising it with weather, traffic and other real-world data – we are able to offer a predictive analysis of the risks to cost-effective driving even before they actually take place. Our cellular connection covers all EU28 countries, ensuring that the Cloud-based monitoring system is always on, increasing the transparency of fleets based in or travelling through multiple countries.”

In the context of its European expansion plans, XGear has been targeting companies in the FMCG, distribution and local delivery sectors, but is also looking to develop strategic channel partnerships with automotive dealerships, auto parts resellers, and leasing companies.